To inform the message of truth through writing, coaching, teaching, and nurturing those with a desire to understand the beauty and complexities of life that connect them to their purpose and best self.


Taunya’s 20+ years as a nurse has contributed her with a wealth of knowledge. It has also provided insight of the challenges and barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion of health literacy and illness prevention started at the bedside but have since then been shared in a variety of settings.


Writing has been a passion of Taunyas since she was a young girl.  Full of ideas and imagination Taunya began to take her passion more seriously and published her first book in 2010, titled LemonadeLemonade soon grew into a 5-book series, called The Brady Boe series.  The series was completed in 2018.  An accompanying workbook series began with Building Confidence & Self-Esteem published in 2019.

Taunya is an author coach as well assisting other writers through outline production, story formation, and ghostwriting.  Taunya primarily writes both fiction and non-fiction having coached and written on topics such as education, health, and creativity.


Hello, my name is Taunya. Welcome to Rewrite Health! Rewrite Health represents the path to gain optimum health from any point you may find yourself in the health spectrum. My passion to nurture and guide individuals in a healthy lifestyle led to the birth of Rewrite Health in January 2018. As a Nurse and Writer, I continue to gain knowledge and awareness of how unique our health situations can be. That is why Rewrite Health takes a holistic approach that includes the mind, body, and spirit. I believe obtaining good health begins with the awareness that a change is needed. Pain, hurt, disappointment and bad habits can take a toll on your health. Doing what it takes to heal and move forward takes focus and courage.

The purpose of Rewrite Health is to assist individuals in the healing process. This can look different for each of us. Health, in general, encompasses everything that touches our life. Bad health and a painful, unresolved past can take a toll on your health and disrupt your daily living. My hope with Rewrite Health is to assist individuals in gaining clarity, heal, and build confidence. I know in doing that they will gain insight on how to rewrite their script for life through different lenses. While Rewrite Health is still in the developing stage, it offers two ways to assist its clients: Writing to heal and health coaching. These services consider your unique story and together we discover the best path to begin your journey to good health.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to helping you Rewrite your Health.