To inform the message of truth through writing, coaching, teaching, and nurturing those with a desire to understand the beauty and complexities of life that connect them to their purpose and best self.


Taunya Wright currently resides in Reno, NV. She is a retired registered nurse, an author, wife, and a mother to three children. Preventative health has been an interest since Taunya started her nursing career. She focuses on the key elements of holistic health nutrition, physical, and mental as well as strategies to creating a healthy lifestyle routine. Her research features prominently in her family’s daily living routine. Besides health, her interests include writing fiction, building crafts, and spending time with her family. Homeschooling her children has allowed her to incorporate her ideas of a healthy learning process into an education program for her children.


Taunya’s track to becoming a nurse began in 1994 where she trained and worked as a nurse tech while pursuing her Licensed Practical nurse (LPN). In 1997, Taunya graduated with her LPN and continued to gain experience in a variety of settings for the next 6 years. During that time, she worked on and obtained her Registered Nurse degree and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science. 16 of her 25 years of bedside nursing was spent in critical care where her passion to help people adopt a lifestyle of healing grew.

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Writing has been a passion of Taunyas since she was a young girl.  Full of ideas and imagination Taunya began to take her passion more seriously and published her first book in 2010, titled LemonadeLemonade soon grew into a 5-book series, called The Brady Boe series.  The series was completed in 2018.  An accompanying workbook series began with Building Confidence & Self-Esteem published in 2019.

Taunya is an author coach as well assisting other writers through outline production, story editing, and ghostwriting.  Taunya primarily writes fiction but she is equally adept with non-fiction having coached and written on topics such as education, health, and creativity.  Find her author page at


Early in Taunya’s nursing career she felt the desire to give the patient’s she had cared for more than a band aid to treat their wounds.  In her own life she had adopted a lifestyle for her and her family that nurtured her passion for wellness.   During this time Taunya provided patients with tips on illness prevention as well as helping them understand their health picture better.  At the same time Taunya had taken on the role of Health Literacy Director for MAWMedia Group, a company founded by her Husband, Michael A. Wright.  There she wrote a wealth of blogs that informed its audience on ways to build a healthy lifestyle, as well as in other areas like education, faith, and family.

Taunya wanted to take her plan of health to another level in January 2018, that’s when Rewrite Health was born.  No longer working at the bedside Taunya had room to explore and plan her strategy to help others.  Rewrite Health represents the path to gain optimum health from any point you may find yourself in the health spectrum. The purpose of Rewrite health is to provide information that will assist health-conscious individuals with ways to transform their current health situation into one that benefits them holistically. Rewrite health has 5 offerings:  Writing to Heal, Health Coaching, Trainings, Workshops, and a Health Curriculum.  Taunya values everyone’s unique situation so she is open to working with individuals to customize a plan that fits their needs. Engage with Rewrite Health on Facebook, @RewriteHealth